Suzi Lonergan-Pilates!
Basic and Intermediate Mat Series

                              Suzi Lonergan - PILATES!

   is a non - aggressive, non-competitive approach to mind-body conditioning that:

    * Revives youthfulness, both physically and mentally

    * Increases strength and flexibility to your spine

    * Increases energy and self - confidence

    * Relieves stress and fatigue, replacing it with

        a feeling of well - being and greater stamina

    * Strengthens your immune system

    * Repairs injury

    * Assures better, more restful sleep

    * Improves posture, balance and coordination

    * Creates strength without bulk

    * Improves joint mobility

    * Enriches your sex life


Shaping Your Body Into

The Best It Can Be

   Go From Tired To Energized,

From Soft To Lean,

From Out of Shape To Healthy

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In just 10 minutes a day,
3 times a week, 
you will learn to strengthen
the power center of your body, 
by using the power center of your mind which, in turn,
will free the power center of your spirit.
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Suzi Lonergan - PILATES! consists of 32 mat exercises, divided into 2 sections

* 9 Basic exercises, in just 10 minutes

* 23 Intermediate exercises, in just 25 minutes

Suzi Lonergan - PILATES! is about quality and efficiency, not quantity.

This program is for people of all ages and fitness exercise levels including:

    * Business Professionals/Travelers

    * Athletes/Dancers

    * Performers/Artists

    * Fitness Professionals

    * The Elderly

    * At - Home Moms

    * The Overweight or Out - of - Shape

    * Post Natal Women

    * Teenagers

Just 10 to 25 Minutes,

3 Times A Week

Each of the 32 exercises is demonstrated

by 4 different participants for:

            * Normal healthy body

                * Neck Concerns

                * Back Concerns

                * Knee Concerns